Wine Tasting Days in Oxford - The One Day Wine Workshop

Wine Unearthed host regular One Day Wine Tasting Workshops in Oxford which make for fantastic days out learning about wine in a relaxed a fun environment - suitable for everyone from the absolute beginner through to budding wine enthusiast. It's a full day tasting, learning and talking about wine including a delicious 3 course food & wine matching lunch. Everything is included and you'll leave with a World of Wine notebook (a useful reference for all the major grape varieties and key wine regions), your tasting notebook, and most importantly increased confidence and a smile on your face! We currently (and have done since day we love it here) host our Oxford Wine Tasting days at The Old Bank Hotel. Choose from 'World of Wine', 'Old World', or 'New World' Wine Tasting Workshops. Also makes the perfect gift for the wine lover - voucher available.

a great way to learn about wine...Enthusiastic & knowledgeable tutor, Great Selection of 15 good quality wines, specially prepared 3 course food & wine matching lunch, beautiful 5 star Old Bank Hotel*

Date                        Workshop

Sat 10th May 2014 World of Wine
Sat 7th Jun 2014    World of Wine

Sat 5th Jul 2014     World of Wine
Sat 9th Aug 2014   World of Wine
Sat 6th Sept 2014         Old World
Sat 11th Oct 2014  World of Wine
Sat 8th Nov 2014   World of Wine
Sat 13th Dec 2014 World of Wine
Venue: Old Bank Hotel
Time: 10.30 - 4pm
Cost: £85pp
(inclusive of 3 course food & wine matching lunch)

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 "...thanks for a fantastic session on Saturday in Oxford.Really enjoyed the day, the venue and the wine and will recommend you to others as a good day out for wine lovers."
Ed (Oxford Wine Workshop attendee)
"Thank you for a great day, I couldn't have asked for more great wine great lecture and great company
set in a lovely hotel in one of the greatest city's in the world.
Many thanks Harry. Ps I want another for Christmas !
 Harry (Nov 2013)

The 'World of Wine' One Day Workshop Oxford

A great 'all rounder' 1 day course. You'll look at wine in a whole new well as sniffing and tasting it!  While tasting at least 15 wines you'll learn how region, climate, winemaking techniques and many other factors affect  the final wine in the bottle. You'll learn about many of the major wines from around the world and the key characteristics of each. This course will set you in the right direction to finding the wines you enjoy, choosing wines on restaurant wine lists and before you know it you'll have caught the wine bug and want to learn more! All this and much more in a fun and informative one day wine tasting workshop.

Typical Wine Tasting Day
10.30 - 11.00:
Learn how to taste wine (i.e. what's does all the swirling & sniffing tell you?!)    2 Wines
11.00 - 12.45: White Wines from around the world                                                                       5 Wines
12.45 - 14.00: 3 Course Food & Wine Matching Lunch                                                                  3 Wines
14.00 - 16.00: Red Wines from around the World                                                                          5 Wines
                                                                                                                                                     15 Wines!

The 'Old World' One
Day Wine Workshop

Similar structure to the world of wine however this workshop concentrates on the old world wine producing countries - Concentrating on France in the morning then looking at Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany in the afternoon You'll gain a better understanding of what's really behind, the often very difficult to understand labels, the grape varieties, wine styles and much much more. The 'New World' One Day Wine Workshop Oxford

Similar structure to the World of Wine however, this workshop will take you to all the main wine producing countries of the New World - Australia, New ZealandSouth Africa, South America, and North America. You'll gain a better understanding of the regionality, key wine styles and grape varieties and wine making techniques within these countries. You’ll learn how to taste and analyse wine like a professional as well as getting a better understanding of what each of these countries is doing well.

A little bit about our chosen venue for our Oxford Wine Tastings ...The Old Bank Hotel

If you come to our Oxford Wine Workshop we want you to appreciate you're in Oxford - a city of History, Culture, Beautiful Buildings and Art. The Old Bank Hotel provides all of this and we'll provide the other thing Oxford is famous! There  won't be an exam though and you get to taste wine while you learn with us!

The most centrally located hotel in the city - between famous colleges Merton, All Souls, University & Oriel. Walking distance to shops, theatres, museums, and gardens.

Old Bank Hotel, 91 - 94 High Street Oxford OX1 4BJ

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