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Following on from the highly popular 'Understanding the Wines of France' series of tastings, comes a series of 4 tastings looking to get under the skin of Italy and its wines. It will provide you with a deeper understanding of the landscapes, regions and cultures through this very diverse and regionalised wine country.


In part 1 took a general overview of Italy and its wines.

We looked at the Denominaziones, the DOCG quality system and demystified the often confusing Italian terms you commonly find on a bottle or label (superirore, classico, riserva, appassimento...)


In part 2 we looked at the Wines of Northern Italy - exploring the grapes/regions of Piemonte, Veneto and Friuli.


In part 3 we covered the Wines of Central Italy - discussing the  wines of Tuscany, Abruzzo and Marche with an honourable mention to Umbria!


In part 4, our final leg of the journey, we will aptly be in the heel and the toe of 'the boot'.

Tasting wines from Campania, Sicily and Puglia (with honorouble mention to Calabria)



Wines for this tasting

1 x Greco di Tufo (white)

1 x Nerello Mascalese (red)

1 x Primitivo (red)


Taste 3 Wines (1 white, 2 Red).

Understanding Italy - The South - Part 4..Fri 12th July 8pm (Premium +)

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