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Newcastle Wine Tasting Days

Join us to Taste 15 Wines & Enjoy a fantastic 3 Course Lunch at Hotel du Vin, Newcastle.

Our Wine Tasting Experiences are Fun & Award Winning days that have been Educating and Entertaining guests in Newcastle for over 15 Years.

An extremely popular Gift Idea for someone special. 

Treat them to a Wine Tasting Experience in Newcastle that they won't forget! 

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Newcastle Wine Tasting Dates
11am - 4pm

  • Newcastle Wine Tasting - World of Wine
    Newcastle Wine Tasting - World of Wine
    Sat, 07 Sept
    07 Sept 2024, 11:00 – 16:00
    Byker, Allan House, City Rd, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 2BE, UK
    Taste 15 Wines and Enjoy a 3 Course Lunch. Taste 6 White wines in the morning, a 3 Course food and wine matching lunch followed by 6 red wines in the afternoon.
  • Newcastle Wine Tasting - Vine to Wine
    Newcastle Wine Tasting - Vine to Wine
    Sat, 26 Oct
    26 Oct 2024, 11:00 – 16:00
    Byker, Allan House, City Rd, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 2BE, UK
    Taste 15 Wines and Enjoy a 3 Course Lunch. A Selection of Whites, Reds, Pink, Fizz and Fortified!
  • Newcastle Wine Tasting - Open Dated Voucher
    Newcastle Wine Tasting - Open Dated Voucher
    Open Dated Voucher
    Open Dated Voucher
    Byker, Allan House, City Rd, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 2BE, UK
    Valid for 12 months for any of our Newcastle Wine Tasting Days. Ultimate flexibility for them to choose the date that suits them best.

Have you been purchased one of our fantastic Open Dated Vouchers?
Simply Choose one of the dates above and then ....

Which Wine Tasting Day to Book on?

Lots of people turn up at our Wine Tasting Days unsure of what to expect.

'I know what I like' is a common phrase heard, so if you have never been to a wine tasting before then you are in great hands. We believe tasting wine should be about fun and having a good time and with a little more knowledge and some practical wine-tasting skills it becomes even more enjoyable!  Both of our award winning Wine Tasting Days will boost your knowledge and increase your confidence when buying, ordering and talking about wine so as well as knowing what you like, you will know why you like it!!

On both Experience Days you will Taste 15 Wines and enjoy a 3 Course Lunch and.....

  • Learn how to Taste Wine like a Pro - discover what the swirling, sniffing and tasting is all about. Impress your friends and family by knowing how to do it correctly.

  • Improve your confidence when ordering wine in a restaurant or planning your next Dinner Party or Barbecue, by understanding the basics of Food & Wine Matching - what works and what doesn't. (and why?!)

  • Increase your Knowledge of common Wine Terms. Learn how to decipher the bottle's Back Label so that buying wine in a Supermarket or Wine Shop becomes a breeze!

  • Discover how to identify a Corked wine. What to look out for and what causes it?

  • Understand the benefits of letting a wine breathe and when (and why) to decant a red wine.

  • Have Fun! All of our Days are relaxed, sociable affairs. No formal dress code - we specialise in Unstuffy Wine Stuff!

World of Wine

This is the Original wine tasting day that we started with 20 years ago.It's as popular now as it was then ! A great 'all rounder'  Wine-Tasting Course, we take you on a tasting journey around the World of Wine.

  • Taste 6 White Wines in the Morning

  • Taste 3 Wines paired with Lunch

  • Taste 6 Red Wines in the Afternoon


We try to cover as many countries and grape varieties that we can over the course of the day. Tasting wines such as Gavi di Gavi next to a Marlborough Sauvignon, or a Rioja alongside an Argentinian Malbec gives you an appreciation of the differences in style between Old World and New World Wines and how Grape Variety, Climate, Soil etc affect how a wine looks, smells and tastes in your glass.


You will leave the day ready to impress your friends and family with your new found knowledge!

Vine to Wine

Our Vine to Wine days have been running for over 12 years and looks at wine by style and how it is made. You will taste a selection of whites, pinks, reds, fizz and fortified

  • Taste 4 Whites and 2 Reds in the Morning.

  • Taste 3 Wines paired with Lunch

  • Taste 2 Sparkling, 1 Pink, 2 Reds and 1 Port

The morning focuses on 'table wines', we look at how whites and reds are produced (and how that differs) and how factors such as grape variety, use of oak and ageing affects the final wine in your glass.

After lunch we start with 2 sparkling wines, usually a Prosecco v a Champagne style wine, and discover how each Fizz is produced. We then move on to taste a rose, and find out what gives it its colour and discuss its recent popularity thanks to the success of Provence pinks! Our final 2 red wines of the day give us a chance to look at Quality and Price in wine - we will taste 2 wines blind, side by side, can you tell which one is twice the price of the other? We will finish the day off with a nice glass of Port, memories of Christmas or Stilton will come flooding back as we discover what a fortified wine is and how exactly are they made.

Image by Ryan Booth

Our Fantastic Newcastle Wine Tasting Venue - Hotel du Vin
4 Brindleyplace, Birmingham, West Midlands, B1 2JB

Our Newcastle Wine Tasting Experience Days are hosted at the fabulous Hotel du Vin,  a magnificent Edwardian building on the banks of the famous River Tyne. The food and service are superb - Enjoy tasting 15 wines throughout the Day including a Food & Wine Matching 3 Course Lunch. A Great Day Out in Newcastle.

Why Book on one our Newcastle Wine Tasting Experience Days?

  1. Wine Tasting should be all about enjoying wine and having Fun - our Newcastle Days are! - learn about wine with like-minded people in an un-stuffy way.

  2. We are the Longest Running (and we believe the best!)  Wine Tasting Experience Day in Newcastle - over 18 years of Successful Courses & Happy Guests.

  3. We are Award Winning - not just any old award, but the International Wine Challenge's 'Wine Educator of the Year' WINNER!!! We are proud to be Newcastle's (and the North East's) only ever winner.

  4. Taste 15 Wines and enjoy a 3 Course Meal - more Wines and Food to Enjoy than you will find anywhere else.

  5. Our chosen Wine Tasting Venue is fantastic - the Hotel du Vin - makes for a special day out. Great Food & Location.

  6. Makes a Great Gift - whether it is a Birthday present or to celebrate an Anniversary, Wedding or just the fact that it is the weekend! - our Newcastle Wine Tasting Experience Day is a gift that they will talk about for years to come

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