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We are thrilled to have been recognised and presented with the leading industry award by the International Wine Challenge as 'Wine Educator of the Year'.

We host to thousands of wine enthusiast every year. The Wine Unearthed one day Wine TastingWorkshops run virtually every weekend throughout the UK and have been designed to appeal to the novice and the budding wine enthusiast alike. You can also have your own private wine tasting or corporate wine tasting event - basically anything to do with talking about wine, we do it!




Why Choose Wine Unearthed?

Wine Unearthed is a leading provider of weekend wine education in the UK. Each year over 5,000 people are educated and entertained at one of our wine workshops. All workshops and events are structured so as to appeal to everyone, are un-stuffy, un-intimidating and fun. After all, wine is there to be enjoyed and so should learning about it - what other subject requires you to have a glass of wine in your hand as you learn!

Not only are all Wine Unearthed presenters knowledgeable, holding qualifications with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust as a minimum, they are also genuinely passionate about wine and love to share their enthusiasm with others. The subject of wine is vast, however a little knowledge goes a long way and the more you learn the more you’ll enjoy it. Whether you are choosing a bottle from your supermarket shelf or selecting a wine from a restaurant wine list, attending a Wine Unearthed event will improve your knowledge and confidence, so that you know your Malbec from your Merlot and your Burgundy from your Bordeaux.


Where did it all start?

Wine Unearthed was set up by Victoria & Adrian Bucknall over a decade ago! Having spent a number of years in the corporate world of finance in London and then Sydney they discovered that their day jobs were getting in the way of their real passion - wine! They started studying wine as a hobby and taking exams - they were the only ones in the exam hall really doing it for fun rather than a professional requirement. Each week they held wine tastings for some of Sydney’s top sommeliers and wine writers, every free weekend and holiday was spent visiting a new wine region…something had to give. So in 2003 they packed in their day jobs to immerse themselves fully in wine – spending 18 months travelling the world’s wine regions, meeting some of the worlds best winemakers and of course, tasting some great wines (along with climbing the odd volcano!). Wine Unearthed was born!


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